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RMG Legal understands that many sole legal practitioners and law firms cannot afford to hire full time paralegals, nevertheless many face increasing demands on their time as their practice grows.  RMG Legal Services offers flexible and cost-effective legal support services. Sole practitioners and/or small law firms can engage RMG Legal Services on an as-needed basis, to provide a number of services in support of their practice.

Services provided by RMG Legal include:

  • Legal Research
  • Document Review and Analysis
  • Document Organization and Management 
  • Pleadings Preparation
  • Demand Letters 
  • Court Filings
  • Trial Preparation (exhibit binders, factums, witness subpoenas, witness preparation) 
  • Client and Witness Interviews 



Many sole practitioners and small firms are reluctant to take on matters in small claims court, landlord tenant tribunal, or other administrative tribunals, because it may not be that lucrative compared with their main practice areas. They turn down business from clients and as a result do not have an opportunity to establish a relationship which could lead to more legal work later in time. As well, a sole practitioner may agree to take on a small claims matter for an existing client even though it may not be the best use of his or her time.

By engaging RMG Legal to assist you with these matters, lawyers can establish relationships with new clients or maintain and strengthen relationships with existing clients. The result is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Hiring RMG Legal is not an overhead expense, but can be an additional revenue stream for your practice.

Contact RMG Legal today and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide you with a rates sheet for our services specifically designed for legal practitioners. 

Find out today on how we may assist you.   Telephone: 416.890.7974       Email: