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Assisted Self-Representation Services

Small Claims Court


RMG Legal recognizes that there are many Small Claims Court matters where clients are able to represent themselves. However, they are not sure how to prepare or file a claim, or are not familiar with the rules and procedures of the court to advance their matter. While representing themselves they may run into a more complex issue or legal document and need limited assistance from a legal professional for help with that portion.

To address this need, RMG Legal offers Assisted Self-Representation Services, where clients represent themselves, but use RMG Legal for help as needed during any stage of the proceeding. A brief consultation may solve the problem. After consultation you may find that you prefer to have a paralegal a legal document for only a portion of your case. In other circumstances you may wish to have a paralegal represent you for a single hearing.  Whatever the level of involvement, RMG Legal can provide an affordable solution.

The services that RMG Legal provides to self-represented clients include but are not limited to:

• Drafting and preparation of claims
• Legal research
• Enforcement of judgments
• Counseling for mediation
• Preparation of minutes of settlement
• Witness preparation
• Trial preparation and strategy


Is Assisted Self-Representation right for you?

It all begins with an initial consultation where the case is discussed with the client. Depending on the client’s underlying interests, budget, needs and goals, and the complexity of the matter, Assisted Self-Representation may be a good match with your requirements. 


Find out today on how we may assist you. 

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